Blossoming into our truest selves.

Recently I have been thinking a lot about transitions and about the anxious energy that often accompanies these times of change. The seasons are changing. Here in Cape Town, it is early spring. Wildflowers are in bloom on the mountainside, fields bursting with carpets of purple and yellow along the highways. I am so grateful for the seasons: nature’s reminder that change comes like clockwork and that it will change yet again before long; that the winters of our lives will always be followed by wild, joyful spring – full of colour and hope. But transition and change are always scary. The winds pick up, ushering in new spring air at a rapid pace. The day can change from sun to pouring rain in a heartbeat – not unlike my own internal world in times of upheaval and change.  Unlike the flowers, we humans attach so much meaning to each of these phases of our lives. We get stuck in the winters, afraid to feel the cold or embrace the dark, and yet reluctant to shed the skin of it when the possibility of a new spring peeks her head around the corner of our lives.
My life if full up with change at the moment, as it seems the world is, too. All of us being called upon to shed that which no longer serves us – jobs, homes, relationships, cultural norms, the status quo, the old world order – for that which surely will serve us all better in ways that are beyond our wildest dreams. I am constantly reminded how much fear precedes the exact things I pray for. I pray for change but when the Universe unfolds just so, presenting me with an opening, a crack of life just bright enough to be true - I descend into self-doubt and fear, quick to reach for the familiarity of a suffocating winter instead of being willing to brave the winds and wildflowers of spring.   
So this month we are talking about getting real. We are talking about blossoming into our truest selves. We are talking looking ourselves squarely in the face with love and compassion so that we can shed the weight of all the patterns and behaviors that have kept us stuck. We are talking about blossoming into mothers, lovers, women, artists, healers, storytellers, and more. We are talking about becoming the women we have always been – the women we already are.

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