An invitation to come home.

Yesterday my baby sister, Alexandra, turned 31. Alexandra is a gift. Her loving, affectionate, and warm nature smooth my rough edges. She is soft where I am hard, brave where I am scared, and filled with love where I struggle to be. Alexandra is an artist. Her work elegantly captures the intricate beauty of this world in a way that inspires me and fills me with pride. I can say without a doubt that one of the greatest gifts I have received from being Alexandra's sister is to experience the creative power that is unleashed when two women love each other towards the best, fullest versions of themselves.

We live in a world defined by competition. We are almost programmed to jump instantly into some form of comparison and envy when we see others (especially women) achieving great things, reaching their dreams, or simply creating beautiful lives for themselves. But I am convinced that this is not the way. There is no space for real love when I am stuck in comparison and competition. And every day I become more convinced that love is the source ofall of my creative energy.

When love is blocked by competition and comparison with others, so too is the creative energy that is so vital to my own ability to step into my power, to create from a place of flow, and to live in alignment with my own higher purpose. But when I love someone without demand, when her successes fill me with joy and inspiration, something entirely different happens. The channel opens. Love flows and expands, making space for co-creation, for collaboration, and for exponential inspiration. I go from living in a world of scarcity to a world of abundance. I go from being driven by fear, where there is only room in the world for one of us to be successful, to being driven by love, where there is room for us all. Not only that, but a world in which God actually needs each and every one of us to fulfil our specific part in this grand puzzle that will eventually bring about a transformed world. 

I experience freedom and joy when I view my sisters as partners, collaborators, and co-creators rather than competition. In fact, it has become one of my life's greatest joys to partner with women on our journeys home to ourselves, to bear witness to each others' unfolding, each others' blossoming. It is one of the most magical experiences to behold.      

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