Hello, soft heart. I love you.

January's days were full up with friendship, family, work, laughter, love, and also tears, resentment, fear, self pity, and plenty of self doubt. I don't think I am the only one who has felt catapulted into 2019 with full force.  I called a lot into being in 2018. There is a lot on the horizon, taking shape, beginning to bear fruit. So far, it has felt like a shake-up. There are big things in store this year and I can feel it. It requires courage, action, and the willingness to step into myself. It requires surrender and faith. But surrender can feel like falling. The space between today and tomorrow, between each step--that space of uncertainty-- can feel like an eternity. It is beautiful and terrifying all at once, of course, and sometimes my scared mind and tender heart take a while to catch up to the creative force and powerful voice I am working hard to set free. 

I am trying to meet myself with compassion. With love. With a soft voice and a gentle touch. It is okay to be scared. It is okay to feel tender. It is okay to be tired. Go towards love. Walk towards God. You know the way. You hold the light. 

So perhaps this is also a year of compassion. Of tender-heartedness. Of softness towards ourselves and others. A year of turning with love and care towards that scared, small voice inside that is yearning to be heard. A year of learning to embrace and protect her, give her the love the she needs, tend the garden of our hearts so that she can bloom.

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