Every stuck place is an invitation.

Last month I wrote and shared about learning to meet my soft heart with tenderness and care, and February presented me with many opportunities to embrace my tenderness. To hold space for softness, for tears, for breath, for light. To hold space for that flickering light inside to grow brighter.

Opportunities to expand are also opportunities to come face to face with lots of old monsters. The stories I cling to for dear life despite the fact that they are killing me. Suffocating the flame. Drowning my breath. Rocks in my throat. A boulder on my chest. 

The Universe invites me to heal the places I am stuck. Every stuck place is an invitation. A messenger. More truth. More love. More old ideas and worn out stories shattered. More awake.

I focus my attention on the breath; breathe into that tender space between my ribs. Opening my heart. Digging out the rocks, making space to expand. 

"Hello, soft heart. I love you." 

What is possible when you are loved? When you are nurtured and cared for? Given permission to shine? You are the wellspring of joy, of art, of creativity and play, of tender love towards myself and others. You are where I want to parent from, to partner from, to create from. My only job is to return to you over and over again. To open my arms to you. To walk tenderly, joyfully, and intentionally, with the playful joy of a child and the loving care of her mother, towards you over and over again.

This month we will continue to invite ourselves back home to our own soft hearts, and explore what happens when we heed her call. 

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