Walking each other home.

In Cape Town, the seasons are changing again. For most of my life, March and April brought the first stirrings of spring after a long, cold winter. But in Cape Town the days are getting shorter. Mornings are darker. The light filtering through the branches outside my bedroom window is soft. The air is cool. The skies are painted with brilliant oranges and purples as the sun rises and sets in our changing sky.
As seasons change, so life changes. This month I am quitting my full time job. I am getting married. I am in the midst of a yoga teacher training course I have been wanting to do for years. And I am doing lots of spiritual self-inquiry work that sometimes leaves me breathless. Who is at the center of it all? How do I stay grounded in times of upheaval and change? How can I stay rooted in myself, in gratitude and stillness?
More than anything, I want to be present. I want to be awake for my life; for every beautiful, earth-shattering change. I want to remember this time with a smile. With a sense of wonder at the miracles God makes possible when we surrender ourselves to Spirit. I want to move through change as a river flows. I want change to unfold like a sunrise across my landscape.
How do we get there? For me, the answer is always: more God, less self. Times of change present so many opportunities to cling to the thorns of my ego. To become completely entangled in them. Paralysed. Convinced of them entirely. This is never the answer. It never works. Never leads to freedom or peace. The answer is always: Go to God. God can remove the thorns.

How do I find the path to God? It is right here. In every friendship, every phone call, every Circle. Every like-hearted being who crosses my path. You show me the way. Thank the heavens for you all. Thank the heavens for your hands in mine. Your hearts holding my heart. Your spirits surrounding me. Your palms on my back. Your love. "Take my hand," she says, "I will show you the way."

We are all just walking each other home. We are the path to God. 

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