There I am. There I have always been. I have everything I need within me.

Circles provides a safe space for like-hearted women to share a with each other as you navigate your own healing, exploring how to grow towards yourself and God rather than continuing to run. Drawing on a lifetime of experience trying to run away from my own pain, I will share with you what has worked for me on my own path of healing from addiction, divorce, betrayal, and years of looking outside myself for the love I craved. Join me this month as I share from my own experience, lead the group in meditation, and hold safe space for journaling and sharing on this month’s topic or whatever else is on your heart.

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HEALING LOVE Women’s Circle

Tuesday 20 August, 7- 9pm, Mowbray

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R100 per Circle, or buy a package: R175 for 2 Circles. R350 for 4. R550 for 6.


WILD HEARTS Women's Circle

Saturday 17 August, 10am - 12pm, Mowbray

R100 per Circle, or buy a package: R175 for 2 Circles. R350 for 4. R550 for 6.

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WILD HEARTS Women's Month Special Event

Saturday 31 August, 11am - 1pm @ GOODBalance, Woodstock

R150 for this special Women’s Month Circle.

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"Ariana’s gift of presence allows her to meet you where you are (wherever that may be) with a wealth of life experience and a larger-than-life-commitment to being of service to others. Ariana’s attention to active listening, appropriate and achievable suggestion, and realistic goal setting are a source of true comfort and real hope, and a wellspring of goodness for me and many others. She touches lives meaningfully and deeply.Our work together has helped me to be more at ease in the world and to trust the deeper part within myself more and in healthier ways. Ariana’s spirit demonstrates the very possibility and reality of healing for ourselves and others in a very real and evident way. Ariana, is in a word, ALCHEMY. Thank Goodness for this precious gem of a human. The world needs this healing. I know I do." ~ Mel