An invitation to come home.


I offer Women's Circles and Wild Heart Sessions: two different ways to connect and come home to yourself.

I believe that we are inextricably linked to one another and that while those links cannot be broken, they can be forgotten.  If you are looking for connection with yourself, with others, and with the deeper world around you - let's chat. 

Details on upcoming Circles & other events can be found here.

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WILD HEART sessions

One-on-one conversations to guide you towards clarity and healing. Drawing on years of practical spiritual experience, I offer all that I have learned in order to support you to navigate and grow from whatever life has brought across your path. Addiction, trauma, heartache, divorce, motherhood, loss: I have been there and would be honored to offer you the insights and tools that support me on my journey home to myself. Pain is our greatest teacher if we have the tools we need to hear and to learn. 

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women's circles

These circles are a safe space to gather and connect with other women and ultimately with ourselves. I will guide the group through a process of journaling, heartfelt sharing, and intention setting in a safe, contained space in order to emerge with greater clarity and connection to the Divine within and between us. Please get in touch if you are interested in participating in a circle or if you have a group of women and are looking for a guide. I would be honored to work with you.

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"When I first heard Ariana speak in 2011, her grace, compassion and integrity immediately drew me to her. Ariana has seen me at my lowest and at my worst, but I’ve never felt judged, only love and empathy. Eight years later, Ariana is still my moral compass and a beacon of hope in times of hopelessness. Ariana has often helped me see a logical, practical solution when I’ve not been able to do it on my own. I’m so very grateful to have her in my life." 
~ Gina Howse