All Your Love & Nothing At All.

We begin at dawn

Deep blue sky and laughter under

The sheets, her soft skin

In the dappled light.

Then comes the day:

Anxious cries and forgotten

Breakfast. Not that and no and

I’m not hungry. I want

My way and your love

And nothing at all.

But we are home with

Each other. Born from the

Same skin, made from each

Others’ bones and the marrow of

Our lives. We are living through

One another, holding mirrors

To each other’s’ dark places, casting

Light into all of the shadows.

My daughter strums her guitar,

Sings sweetly to me at dusk,

There are no wheel chairs in heaven.

No bee stings in heaven. No owies in heaven.

But here we are. Scabbed skin and

Bruised muscles. The pain of this mortal life.

Hours of stomping feet.

Fists pounding against the chambers of my heart.