The day begins and ends in birdsong;  
Blue ibis rising in unison from the
Glowing sea grass, 
Flamingos with their long legs and pink backs
Dancing through shallow, glistening sea, and
Tiny yellow-bellied birds flitting across the morning sky
In search of water or food or each other. 

They could simply be playing, I suppose
Dancing through the sky for each other
Forgetting for a moment their survival.  

This place is full up with poetry: 
The way the morning light glows against the grasses, 
The sunshine yellow bird outside my window, 
The mountains rising from the mist above of the lagoon,  
And the marshy sea grass stretching out in front of me, changing shape and colour with the tides.  

Whatever despair my heart may feel, whatever love
I can lose or find it here; 
I can be quiet enough to find that still place where God lives
And for a moment, call it home.